There are numerous options available to you – we understand that. We also know why our events are different.
We could tell you about our audience profiling service, the insight reports we give our sponsors, the high-level audience, and the innovative options to match your objectives and budgets, the 52 week lead generation system… We could go on and on. But, you’re busy and haven’t got the time to read loads of copy.
If you want to navigate the B2B buyer map – raise awareness, and develop commercial partnerships then we need to talk. We’ve got a short prospectus that you can download, and a team of professional people who would be delighted to take your call.
We promise we won’t try and shoe-horn you into our packages. We’ll listen, determine your requirements and tell you honestly if we can (or cannot) help you. Can you afford to pass this opportunity without finding out more?
Why not download the prospectus, give it a quick read? If you think there may be some fit, get in touch for an informal conversation. All great deals start with a chat…

We are proud to have welcomed over 20,000 people to MGF events over the years. Our exclusive event in London is limited to 500 senior leaders who meet the qualifying criteria. It’s a ticket that money alone cannot buy!

According to Forrester, the B2B buying cycle has three phases and we have solutions for each of these phases. Of course, if you are looking to build your business pipeline, you may need to consider all three.


In this stage, buyers are discovering and searching. You can position your business as a supplier that can meet their needs. Educate them, enlighten them and get in at the very beginning of their buying process.

This could be a speaking slot on the main agenda, a workshop, or a panel discussion. An opportunity to showcase what you do and how you work with your prospects. We also have the Innovation Showcase and other options including private lunches, drinks receptions, all the way to charging points.

There are many innovative branding opportunities on-site that raise awareness of your business.


This is where your prospects are weighing up the options. You need to talk to them. We can arrange meetings for you onsite – our venue, The QEII conference centre, is purpose built to facilitate private meetings. Our delegate profiling service will identify these prospects and match them to your offering. Think about it, a 20 minute conversation is going to do far more than any website or brochure could ever do.


The point we all want to get to. Closing a deal with a customer – even better when the match is perfect. We can tailor your meetings using our profiling system. We also pass leads on to our sponsors when our delegates tell us they have an imminent purchasing need during their quarterly review with us.

Above all else, the sooner we talk, the wider the choice. Of course, you know that we will do what we can to accommodate your needs, but if you give us plenty of time we will have more options available.

Become a Sponsor


Please get in touch to start the ball rolling. We can chat, explore and take it from there. We can also share audience demographics and any other information you need to make an informed decision.

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