Snapshot of attendees from MGF Seattle 2016:

Job Title Company Name
Chief Strategy Officer Wargaming
CEO Fifth Journey
Founder & CEO Americana Game Studio
CEO Game Insight
Gaming Industry Consultant Gaming Industry Consultant
Creative Director Tap4Fun
CEO & Co-Founder Spry Fox
Executive Director IGDA
Chief Operating Officer Cloudcade
CEO Socialspiel Entertainment
Executive Vice President, Games Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
CEO Animoca Brands
Director of User Acquisition Big Fish Games
SVP and Producer Bandai Namco Studios Inc
Founder &Principal Injiti
CEO Concrete Software Inc.
VP of Studio at Z2 King
Director, Business Development + Marketing EMEA BlueStacks
Senior Advisor, Gaming CV Capital
SVP Corporate Development NCSoft
Co-founder and Designer Taco Illuminati
Studio Head Square Enix
Founder/CEO Brainstorm Games, LLC
Clinical Director Take This Inc
President/CEO BrandX Games
Creative Director Disney Interactive Studios
Executive Producer and Co-Founder Turn Me Up Games
Game Designer, President
CEO / Creative Director Smoking Gun Interactive Inc
Director of Digital Operations D3 Go!
Co-Founder And Executive Producer Otherworld Interactive
Head Of Developer Relations, Mobile Oculus VR
Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder Mastermind Studios
Founder/CTO Sweet-n-Sour
Owner Lunchtime Studios
Managing Partner IPC Ventures
Senior Vice President, Business & Corporate Development GREE International
Chief Executive Officer React! Games
Product Marketing Manager Tapjoy
Chief Executive Officer Zabuza Labs
Founder Orbital Nine
Co-Founder Grey Alien Games
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mindstorm Studios
Associate V3-Ventures
Art Director Infinut
Owner/CEO Lunchtime Studios
President Amplify Learning
Head Of Games CAA
Product and Communications Director Nintendo Software Technology
Director of Product Development PopCap Games
CEO MobilityWare
President The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
Chief Executive Officer Erik Desiderio Music
Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder Bandura Games
Art Director and Co-Founder Armature Studio
Co-Founder Taco Illuminati
CTO/Technical Director Smoking Gun Interactive Inc
Chief Executive Officer and President Heavy Iron
Director of Corporate Development GREE International
Founder, Chief Marketing Officer GameSparks
Co-Founder Taco Illuminati
Founder/Owner Grey Alien Games
Managing Director Game Over Studio
Director of Player Engagement and Community Services Sparkjumpers
Marketing Director Appsaholic
SVP Big Blue Bubble Inc.
Vice President of Content Gamesamba
Games Industry Consultant Games Industry Consultant
Chief Executive Officer and Founder Gogii Games Corp
Creative Director PopCap Games
President Skybound Entertainment
Marketing Administrator GameSparks
Vice President Marketing GREE International
CEO Firefly Games
Head of Creative Behaviour Interactive
President of Publishing GLU MOBILE
Vice President of Product and Development Vectr Ventures
Chief Executive Officer Galaxy Pest Control
Head Of Development Giant Spacekat
Director of Product Management & Marketing Big Fish Games
CEO V2 Games Inc.
Creative Director, Games Division IThrive Games
Co-founder & Corporate Communications Officer Playmatics
Founder & CEO Nostopsign
Chief Executive Officer and Founder Upper One Games
Director SentientGaming
Creative Director, Founder Stumbling Cat Games
VP of Marketing & Client Services Kochava
President and Co-Founder Mad Otter Games
Director Glasslab Games
COO & VP of Business Development Disruptor Beam Inc.
Chief Executive Officer Big Top Ballet
Co-Founder, Game Designer BoxCat Games
Chief Executive Officer Built Games
Head of Marketing Optimove
VP Corporate Marketing AppLovin
VP Operations Gogii Games Corp
Director of Programming Twitch
General Manager, APAC Super Evil Megacorp
Head of Com2us USA Com2us USA, Inc.
GM/VP of Product Development Bandai Namco Studios Inc
CEO Nazara Games
Managing Director Nexon M

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