Gamesforum Party

The ever excellent Gamesforum Party is taking place on the evening of the 24th January and all conference attendees are invited to come along.

We have a reputation for putting on some of the best networking parties at any of the games industry conferences. Our last shindig in Seattle in October 2017 was rated as one of the outstanding parts of our event and we’re looking to do even better in London this year.

Taking place at Foundation in Covent Garden, we’ll be offering:

  • A free bar for the duration of the party
  • A specially designed cocktail menu from the famous Loading Bar
  • A hand picked selection of epic multiplayer games to play
  • An incredible playlist
  • Plenty of time to kick back, relax and catch up with the other attendees

The Gamesforum Party is by invitation only. If you are an attendee, RSVP to the party below to secure your space.

RSVP to Party

And if you’re not an attendee but want to join the party, sign up for your Gamesforum pass right now.