Meet the publisher

Looking to get your game published and need to meet the people who could make it happen? Then you can’t miss our Meet the Publisher session at Gamesforum.

So how does this Meet the Publisher work?

  • The session takes place in our workshop space on the afternoon of Day 1 and lasts for two hours.
  • The event is split into two. In the first hour, there will be eight-ten publishers representing companies that publish games for an up front price. And in the second half, there will be another eight-ten publishers representing companies that publish free to play titles.
  • A developer who attends either session will get the chance to pitch their game to every publisher in attendance via a speed-dating format. As well as getting the chance for some feedback about their game, they’ll also get tips on pitching and a chance to pick up the contact details of everyone there.
  • And after the session, both the developers and the publishers will receive information about the companies they either pitched to or were pitched by. This will help interested parties to continue the conversation later.

How to sign up for this session:

  • Developers- If you’re a developer looking to get their games published, simply register for a Gamesforum delegate pass. Once registered, you’ll then be contacted via email with further details to signup to the session, which are offered on a first come first served basis.
  • Publisher- If you’re a publisher looking to meet developers, register for the Gamesforum Delegate pass and then get in touch with us directly. We will then discuss how you can get involved in the session further.