Sponsoring Gamesforum

Why Gamesforum?

Having served the mobile games industry for 15 years through MGF, we believe a big shift in the industry is underway as developments like the Nintendo Switch, Minecraft Better Together and Sony’s Playlink redefine platforms.

What is Gamesforum?

At Gamesforum London 2018 (24th and 25th January), we’re breaking down barriers between platforms. Over 600 developers from across the industry will discuss over two days how the gap between console, PC and mobile is narrowing and discuss what the means for revenues, marketing, technical development and the future of gaming.

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How can I meet the developers?

2 days, 6 themes, over 80 leading speakers and a host of fringe events – such as Meet the Publishers, GameDev Showdown and the legendary Gamesforum party on day 1 – as well as access to our extensive app and meeting system that connects you with hundreds of developers.

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