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NXP is co-inventor of NFC (Near Field Communication), the tap-and-go technology, which lets you initiate interactions with a simple touch. Being fast and easy to use, NFC holds great potential for innovative gameplay. The NFC-based Skylanders show, what’s possible! Shape the future of gaming with us and discuss how technology can bring games to a next level!

For more information, visit www.nxp.com/nfc 

Established in 2001, Jagex today stands as a key game developer and publisher and is the home to the iconic online role-playing game, RuneScape. RuneScape has welcomed over 250 million players to its world and more than two million of them play every month, while millions more watch avidly through social channels. In addition to RuneScape, Jagex has developed new RuneScape-branded games as it enters additional genres, including the authentically vintage edition, Old School RuneScape. Jagex employs over 320 people at its Cambridge headquarters. In 2016 Jagex became part of Fukong Interactive Entertainment, a global games group publicly listed in China. Career information can be found at www.jagex.com.

Silver Sponsors

Optimove is the leading Customer Marketing Cloud, used by over 180 brands to drive their entire customer marketing operation. Optimove combines the art of marketing with the science of data to enable iGaming marketers to deliver highly-effective personalized player marketing campaigns through email, mobile, the Web, Facebook and other channels. Optimove’s unique customer modeling, predictive micro-segmentation and campaign automation technologies help marketers maximize player spend, engagement, retention and lifetime value. Optimove is used by leading customer-centric brands of all sizes, including Zynga, Playtika, Scopely, Scientific Interactive and Jelly Button Games. From 2014 to 2015, Optimove’s staff grew by 60% and revenues more than doubled. The company has offices in Tel Aviv, New York and London.
For more information, visit www.optimove.com

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SafeDK is the leading mobile SDK management platform provider. SafeDK solution provides full visibility & control over 3rd party SDKs in mobile apps.
It allows Product and Dev teams to catch performance, stability and privacy issues with SDKs in real-time and Monetization and Revenue teams to monitor all the ads in their apps live and detect any problematic creatives & wasted inventory. SafeDK’s proprietary technology gives an easy way to solve any issue on the spot, without the need to submit a new version to the store. Visit www.safedk.com


For more information, visit www.scientificrevenue.com

Upsight is the world’s largest enterprise-grade user lifecycle management platform. Customers leverage our consolidated solution stack to learn about their users, make informed decisions and take immediate action to increase LTV and add value to their businesses. We handle more than 500 billion data points and deliver over 1.4 billion targeted web and mobile communications every month.

For more information, visit www.upsight.com

msales is a leading global ad performance network. msales is a leading global ad performance network.
Our managed supply and demand platform connects app developers with an engaged audience anywhere in the world. Delivering you quality, transparent results at scale.

• Advanced targeting
• Performance focussed support
• CPI, CPE, CPL and CPI to CPA optimization
• Industry-leading fraud prevention

We work with digital entertainment products from lifestyle to commerce to gaming and more on a performance basis, offering flexible, quality user acquisition through our plug and play system.
Used by the leading players in the industry, we are completely brand safe and our tech-driven monetization approach provides outstanding growth and reach in the market.

For more information, visit www.msales.com

Appthis is an international mobile ad tech company focused on the global app ecosystem. With global installs for Apps and mobile monetization for publishers Appthis offers the cleanest possible mobile user experience, connecting your audience with apps they are most likely to download.With over 70,000 campaigns and 200+ GEOs, we’ve now launched a demand and supply side video platform, a programmatic RTB (media buying) platform and a MarketPlace that’s supplying across-the-globe traffic to developers within all verticals. For more information visit www.appthis.com

Gamesforum Fringe


Scede.io works with high growth gaming studios to ensure they hire the best staff for their companies and their environments. They work with you, on site, as an embedded Talent Partner. Scede.io has helped to build teams for Space Ape Games, Supercell, MAG Interactive and more. www.scede.io

Oury Clark has been involved in games businesses, video games and R&D tax credits for many years. We have acted for CCP games since their infancy, we have also acted for Rovio plus many other games companies both small and large. We are a cross disciplinary firm who can offer a one-stop shop for all your professional accounting, legal, recruitment, fundraising, regulatory and financial planning needs. Equally, we can act in isolation in relation to a specific need such as VGTR. For over 80 years the firm has been pioneers in assisting companies both large and small set up and expand in the UK and Europe. Our clients find real value in the central point of contact we are able to provide across a breadth of services helping them gain cross disciplinary solutions. We have two offices, one in central London, the other by Heathrow. www.ouryclark.com

Game Dev Showdown

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Hatch Entertainment was founded in 2016 in Espoo, Finland, with a vision to change the way people play games – to create a place on mobile where people can enjoy new social experiences together. With social features never seen before in mobile gaming, in Hatch players can easily collaborate or compete with their friends and family, and share gameplay moments as they happen. Hatch brings cloud gaming to mobile for the first time, with no downloads, updates or in-app purchases.

Hatch Beta is out now for Android users in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg and Sweden, with support for more countries and platforms planned for later. Hatch Beta is currently free with ads; an optional paid subscription that unlocks more content and features is coming later. More info is at www.hatch.live.

Kongregate is a leading cross-platform game publisher and web gaming portal. Through our publishing program, we work closely with game developers to provide a multitude of services to help great games become even better. Kongregate’s games have been downloaded over 100 million times, have hundreds of millions of gameplays, and have numerous accolades including Editors’ Choice and Best of 2016 & 2017. Kongregate is looking to sign fantastic games to help bring to mobile, web, PC, and console! Read more here.


External Development Summit (XDS) is the only annual, international games industry event held in Canada, with a primary focus on external development for art, animation, audio, software engineering, QA and localization.
XDS will be playing a part in the upcoming Gamesforum London event. We’ll be taking a morning of the event to deliver the “XDS Sessions” – an thought-provoking series of presentations delivered by high-caliber subject matter experts on external development. Click here to visit our website.

Studio Gobo is a team of interactive designers and game developers based on the south coast of the UK.  Our two studios, Gobo Brighton and Gobo Hove, both offer deep specialisation in a wide range of platforms and create games for console, VR, mobile, TV and basically everything it’s possible to play a game on. For  more information click here.

 Electric Square is a boutique animation and visual effects studio. We work with the most innovative filmmakers in the industry, and savour our ongoing relationships with them. We help fellow storytellers bring their visions to life, whether it be documentary or narrative. We get involved, excited, and electrified with every project. For more information click here.

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