MGF Seattle 2016 Speakers

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Chris Lefebvre,
Global Developer Evangelist

Wilhelm Taht,
Executive Vice President, Games

Nolan Bushnell,
Atari Founder and CEO

David Zemke,
VP Business Development

Chen “CY” Yang,
Founder & CEO

Terence Fung,
Chief Strategy Officer

Charles Manning,

Lou Fasulo,
VP, Studio at Z2

Lawrence Koh,
Managing Director

Saralyn Smith,
Global Director of Community Development

Michael Chang,
SVP Corporate Development

Rafael Boccamazzo,
Clinical Director

Jeferson Valadares,
VP of Product Develoment

Jikhan Jung,

Taewon Yun,
General Manager, APAC

Brett Seyler,

Jack Sorenson,
VP Business Development & Investments

Bryan Davis,
SVP Business Development

Elizabeth Boylan,
CEO and Chief Creative Officer

Hank Howie,
COO & VP of Business Development

Daniel Cho,
Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

Yunfan Zhang,

Anatoly Ropotov,

Scott Brovsky,
Games Industry Consultant

Josh Burns,
Gaming Industry Consultant

George Donovan,
CEO and Founder

Sebastian Storfner,
Director of Corporate Development

Vlad Ceraldi,
Co-Founder and Director of Development

Kate Edwards,

Heidi McDonald,
Creative Director

John Getze,
SVP of Marketing

Tomas Sala,
Co-Founder and Creative Director

Damon Slye,
President and Co-Founder

Jeff Erle,

Michael Short,
CEO and Founder

Vincent Regimbald,
Creative Director

Nick Fortugno,
Co-Founder and Corporate Communications Officer

Sarah Smith,
Founder & Programmer

Brian Etheridge,
Director of Digital Operations

Tim Teh,

Saam Pahlavan,

Charlie Moseley,
Creative Director

Jamie Ottlie,

Marcus ‘djWHEAT’ Graham,
Director of Programming

Gloria O’Neill,
President and CEO

Eiso Kawamoto,
Head of Monetisation and UA

Tony Zander,
VP of Product and Development

Johan Eile,
Chief Operating Officer

Barbara Krug,
Art Director

Daniel Fiden,
Chief Strategy Officer

Sean Webster
Senior Director Business Development

Amit Bivas,
Head of Marketing

Kristen Perry,
Sr. Strategic Account Manager

 Erik Desiderio,
Composer and Sound Designer

Henry Lowenfels,
VP Business Development

Igor Karev,

Brett Calapp,
Chief Social Gaming Officer

Nate Feduska, |
Director West Coast Sales

Jaremy Rich,
Gaming Industry Consultant

Philip Hickey,
VP Marketing & Communication

Albert Lai,
Co-Founder & CEO

John Robinson,
VP Business Development

Justin Leites,
President & CLO

Seth Corrigan,

Chad Lee,

Andrew Goldstein,
CEO and Co-Founder

Mike Pagano,

Sutton Strout,
Games Industry Consultant

Jim Ying,
Senior Advisor Gaming

Kevin Shrapnell,

Pavel Potoplyak,
Founder and Chief Bug Creator

Manas Gajare,

Vlad Micu,
Business Development Manager