What is Gamesforum?

Gamesforum is a games industry conference that focuses on bringing together cross platform games businesses to have frank – and informative – discussions with one another.

Rather than segmenting the industry into distinct categories, Gamesforum attracts representatives from console, PC, mobile, VR, AR and Esports businesses to allow them to share their experiences with one another.

Gamesforum takes place over two days twice a year in London in January and in Seattle in October.

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Why has Gamesforum settled on a cross platform focus for its conference series?

Gamesforum rebranded from the Mobile Games Forum in October 2017 because we believe that the barriers between platforms – and the differences between them – are eroding fast.

We believe that technology has broadly removed the barriers for release between different devices. While there are unique quirks on each platform that development and design teams need to account for, the fact that games like Skyrim, Rocket League and RuneScape are rapidly releasing across platforms shows these problems are being overcome. And when consoles like the Switch actively challenge, say, the distinction between sectors, it becomes harder to argue in favour of a single platform event.

Business models across sectors are starting to come together. The rising numbers of releases on PC and Console – combined with the pressure on top priced premium Triple A experiences – is gradually making games as a service models relevant to more companies. This means that businesses across platforms need to share expertise and ideas with one another to adapt to the change.

Games businesses themselves are increasingly moving away from being on a single platform. Activision Blizzard draws a third of its revenues from King’s mobile games; Nintendo has published its first mobile games after initially refusing to publish; independent developers like Bithell Games release titles on Steam but then bring them to mobile.

This suggests that it is the right time for an event to dedicate itself to being a space for companies that think across platforms.

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How else does Gamesforum stand out from the crowd?

• We take a content first approach to our conferences, building value through our speaking sessions, workshops and other fringe events.

• We value frank discussion and debate at our events. We encourage our speakers to provoke debate through informative solo presentations. Our panels are all hosted by experienced industry experts or noted journalists.

• We look to create a relaxing experience at our conferences. We do this by booking great venues, providing fantastic food to all our attendees and relentlessly focusing on delivering great customer service on and off site.

• We are obsessed with getting the right people to our event, rather than chasing numbers. Instead, we look to run an event that appeals to ambitious people from across the industry – whatever their background – and give you the chance to meet as many of them as possible.

• We believe in the value of giving back to the community. As well as supporting industry charities, Gamesforum also seeks to partner with local trade bodies, developer groups and other events to demonstrate our commitment to the sector.

• We are always looking to improve our event. As well as asking for pre and post event feedback, we talk regularly with long-standing supporters to continually evolve the conference series.

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How can I sign up to attend, sponsor or support Gamesforum?

There are a number of different ways to get involved, or join us, at a Gamesforum event.

• You can register as an attendee for our event. We have discounted passes available for micro studios, delegate passes for larger studios, vendor passes for service providers and booths for companies wishing to display on site.

• You can sponsor the event. Our sales team offers a number of sponsorship packages and sponsorship opportunities that can help your business, brand or studio support our mission.

• You can partner with us. We offer media partnerships for publications and event partnerships for other conferences wishing to align with our event. Contact our marketing team for more information.